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Success Stories!

Ready for IVF, then conceived naturally, healthy baby

At 32, I was diagnosed with ovarian failure resulting from childhood chemotherapy treatments and was told by several prominent Bay Area physicians that I had a less than 1.0% chance of conceiving naturally and less than 5.0% chance of conceiving with IVF. In conjunction with a full nutrition clean-up, I started acupuncture with Nancy in April with the goal of trying IVF once the following February. One month after my acupuncture treatment, I conceived naturally. Michael was born healthy and happy 9 months later!

-- K.T.

Successful IVF and Yoga

I'm certain that Nancy Rakela was a key factor in my successful IVF treatment. After several unsuccessful IUI treatments and a completely failed IVF yielding only 2 viable eggs, I decided to try acupuncture. My next IVF cycle was completely different. I yielded 12 viable eggs and became pregnant. Unfortunately, I did miscarry after 6 weeks but became pregnant during a 3rd IVF cycle. I'm now starting my 2nd trimester and feel great. I'm certain that using Nancy before, during and after the 3rd cycle increased my chances greatly.

I also attended Nancy's yoga class. Between yoga, acupuncture and her nutrition recommendations I felt healthier and more energetic than I had in years. I even lost 10 lbs without even trying! I plan to keep using Nancy throughout and after my pregnancy.

Nancy is very supportive and informative. She gave advice freely to both me and my husband about the latest fertility information she learned during her practice. Her office is warm, soothing and relaxing. The staff is friendly and helpful. On top of everything, her rates were actually better than the other acupuncture clinics I visited!

-- N.S.

Endometriosis and successful IVF

I began acupuncture with Nancy prior to my surgery for endometriosis. Because endometriosis was the cause of my infertility, IVF seemed the most promising way to conceive. Acupuncture proved to be an essential therapy during the medical procedures by bringing me a source of renewed strength and balance that are taxed by such invasive techniques. We were successful with our first IVF attempt and acupuncture has continues to be effective as I progressed through my rocky pregnancy. I believe much of our success would not be possible without Nancy's healing techniques!

-- S.M.

Successful IUI and healthy pregnancy

After two unsuccessful cycles of IUI, I found Nancy Rakela through her web site and began acupuncture fertility treatments. These treatments increased the blood flow to the uterus and improved chances of implantation, which complimented the continued IUI treatments. Two cycles later, I successfully became pregnant. I do not believe I would have gotten pregnant without Nancy's treatments. I continued seeing Nancy for weekly treatments throughout my pregnancy to insure a healthy pregnancy. It has been a wonderful and relaxing experience.

-- W.H.

Hypothyroid issues, miscarriage and healthy pregnancy

I started seeing Nancy 2 years ago for fertility issues after charting my cycles for 6 months and not having any luck with conception. Within a few months of regular treatments, my body started to respond to acupuncture and become more balanced and from continued charting my cycle did improve and become "better" for fertility.

I highly recommend Nancy. I had never visited an acupuncturist or Eastern medicine doctor before, but my experience with Nancy has been extremely positive and nurturing. She has guided and supported my body and mind through fertility, hypothyroid issues, a miscarriage, and currently a healthy pregnancy (currently at 36 weeks). Because Nancy is very knowledgeable about fertility and pregnancy issues, I've found that working with her and my OB has been a great balance; she calms any pregnancy worries that I have and often brings up issues I haven't yet thought of and can ask my OB or endocrinologist about. Her office space is beautiful and relaxing and everyone on her staff is kind and always attentive. I feel that her care is integral to my health and well-being.

-- L.D.

Other health issues

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